if it stopped, would you care?
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This girl is so put together its unbelievable! I like to call this the Metal Distressed look.Model is wearing - Black ripped tights, black leather booties, distressed high waisted black shorts, chanel logo tee, black studded leather bag, hippie headnand, leather bomber jacket. 
Distressed - for obvious reasons. The bleached and ripped shorts, ripped tights, cut tee.Metal - because thats just what came to my mind! Also because the jewelry is hardcore metal, and this outfit is just screaming fierceness. So i went with metal :). 
I love how sophisticated she looks despite all of the statement pieces that are in this outfit.(bleached/torn shorts, ripped tights, hippie-headband, pink ombre hair) Heres how she did it.
She stuck with simple dark colors and basically let the shorts do all the talking. Most of this outfit is all dark/black. Her tights, crop top, bad, hippie-band (not really sure watchacallit!!), booties, jacket, jean shorts are all black  [with the exception of the hippieband which looks a little brown - but is still dark].
The bleach stains from her shorts are pink - matching her hair, and with some white in the short it matches the chanel logo on her top! 
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Lamborghini Aventador (by F14BigAl)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan